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Baby Gift Ideas: A New Kind of Baby Shower - One Just for the Mom

Tiffany Drinnen

Baby showers seem to be so cookie cutter these days; the same games, the same favors, and basically the same gifts. Sure, the mom-to-be registered for things she wants and needs for the baby, but what about the things that she wants and needs. This is in no way saying that the baby’s needs should be replaced, I’m simply saying that the mother-to-be should be included as well. This came to me after seeing an old episode of Friends where Monica and Rachel threw Phoebe a surprise baby shower. Phoebe was the surrogate carrying her brother’s triplets, so these wouldn’t be her babies. Monica and Rachel decided to throw a shower and give Phoebe things that she could use after the pregnancy, like a pair of leather pants and a bottle of tequila. Now, I don’t think the majority of new moms want leather pants and tequila, but if they do they deserve it!

This is the type of shower that should be thrown, not in lieu of a baby shower but maybe after that party or after the baby is born. Give the mom something to look forward to for herself; when life and her body get back to normal. Give her those pair of jeans she’s been eyeing, but couldn’t buy because of her belly. Take her on a girl’s night out for some cocktails and food she couldn’t eat while pregnant. This should be something that is just about her, so she knows how appreciated she is and respected for the hard work it takes to carry a baby and to give birth. Believe it or not, women give up a lot when having children. Most lose their figure in some way, most lose any ounce of quiet or “me” time, and some lose any social aspects of life all together. This is what we sacrifice and I know most mothers wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have the best of both worlds. Just because she is a mom doesn’t mean that her life before the baby has to be a distant memory. Prove that to her with her own little party. Give her things that are just for her, even if they are baby or mom related, as long as is for her! She will be receiving the best gift of all when her baby is born, but give her something to look forward to that just involves her.

Pregnancy and motherhood are two of the hardest jobs and a woman should be recognized for what she has done or will do. Give her that baby shower and give her a mommy-to-be or a new mommy shower too. This will mean so much to her to know that her friends and family care about her well-being just as much as the baby’s. Praise her for the hard work it took just being pregnant and the hard work that lies ahead with a new baby. Just be careful if your gift contains leather or alcohol as that might not be the most appropriate.


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