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Baby Gift Ideas: A Look at Celebrity Baby Showers

Cindy Rupp

Do you need some inspiration for an upcoming baby shower? Then you might find some fresh ideas here because this article is going to take a look at some fabulous celebrity baby showers to give you an idea as to how the A-listers celebrate their new bundles of joy!

Victoria Beckham's baby showers It should come as no surprise that Victoria Beckham's baby showers have been out of this world. Last spring the Posh mama-to-be who already had three sons celebrated the upcoming arrival of her little girl by having a pink-themed baby shower. Obviously Victoria Beckham's baby showers prior to this one where not pink so she wanted to finally be able to celebrate having a daughter. That shower was celebrated by friends Eva Longoria, Nicole Richie and Selma Blair. It was held on a private rooftop atop a hotel in West Hollywood, CA. Of course, the guests were told beforehand about the color theme which resulted in most arriving with pink gifts.

Jewel's baby shower It was a Texas-style shower for singer-songwriter Jewel early last summer. Jewel's baby shower was held in the star's home in Texas and the theme was chosen because Jewel's man Ty Murray is a cowboy or rather a world champion rodeo rider. Jewel's baby shower was sponsored by Belly Bandit and designer Jayneoni Moore. Following the shower Jewel tweeted that she and her gals pals had a rip roarin' time as they celebrated the arrival of the crooner's first baby.

Molly Sims' baby shower Molly Sims' baby shower was non-traditional but nonetheless very extravagant. The model's shower was held in celebration of the impending birth of her first child in May of this year and her best friends and closest family members were in attendance. Molly Sims' baby shower was a luncheon held in a private garden and included activities for her guests. There were no typical shower games played at the get-together but rather there was a perfume station present. The guests were asked to mix their own special scents that Molly could take with her to the hospital when she gave birth.

The guests at Sim's shower were instructed to come up with perfumes designed to calm Molly's nerves during labor. And, each of the guests at Molly Sims' baby shower was given a special bead, stone or trinket prior to the event that they brought along with them to make the soon-to-be mom a special necklace she could wear to the hospital. Sims blogged about her shower afterward and thanked her friends and family members for the overwhelming love and support they gave her at the event.

Consider using a few ideas of these celebrity baby showers for your get-together. You do not have to have a celeb-sized budget to throw a great shower but rather some good old fashioned ingenuity and imagination. The web is full of great baby shower ideas including tons of info and news stories about celebrity baby showers that made great impressions over the years.

If you are interested in hosting a baby shower that features glitz and glamor, find out how some of your personal favorite stars celebrated their baby showers. Take a look at your favorite stars' websites, pour through gossip magazines and check archived news stories online to find fabulous celebrity baby showers ideas! When planning a shower, it's important to recruit friends and family members to help ensure that every last detail is taken care of so don't go it alone! You want your shower to be one that remains in the memories of those in attendance and which you can share the details with the baby being honored when she/she is older.


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