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Birthday Gift Ideas: For 21st Birthday

For most people, turning 21 is a very special event. Itís not just another birthday, but the birthday that means you can finally buy alcohol, drink in the clubs, and do all those things you have been dreaming of since adolescence. This marks the actual milestone into adulthood. The 21st birthday seems like a major accomplishment and as such it should be celebrated to the fullest. There are a lot of cool gifts a 21-year-old would appreciate, but one of the coolest of all is a keg party. This is probably not a gift parents are interested in giving their child, but it is the perfect gift from a group of friends.

Another gift for a more laid back individual celebrating their 21st birthday is dinner and drinks. A trip to oneís favorite restaurant with a drink or two so the birthday boy/girl can finally use their ID is just the ticket. Even parents can give this to their son or daughter who is turning 21.

Keg Party If you were thinking of throwing a keg party for your friend who is turning 21 you will want to make sure that it takes place on the individualís birthday or afterwards, just to play by the law. Then, buy a couple of kegs and have them iced down and leave several other kegs on reserve just in case. Invite everyone you know and your keg party will be a success and a great birthday gift. Have everyone pitch in $5 and the kegs may even make money for your birthday boy/girl.

Gift Card If you really donít know what to give them go for a gift card. You can buy a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere or if you know the individualís favorite restaurant that is a good idea as well. Buy gift cards online, at the location, or even in supermarkets.

Club night or Formal dinner Whether it is to the clubs or just a dive bar, celebrating where you have to be 21 feels great for the new 21-year-old. Round up are of your friends who can legally go to a bar or club and make a night out of it. Get a couple pitchers of beer, buy a round of shots, play some pool or dance the night away. Turing 21 only happens once, so make it memorable, but safe too! Always use a designated driver and drink responsibly! For the non-drinker, celebrating at a nice restaurant with great friends or family can make someoneís 21is birthday a night to remember! Dress up nice and maybe even rent a limo. Make the 21-year-old feel special and be able to enjoy the milestone of a birthday that turning 21 is.

A scrapbook or other memorabilia Find some old pictures, drawings, report cards, and art projects that your kid made. Put all these together in a keepsake scrapbook. This is a great gift as it can be kept for a lifetime and it is something to share with everyone. Go through the scrapbook with other family members and your kidís friends. Teach them about the birthday boys/girls life up until now. This will bring back great memories for the 21-year-old and show how great their life has been so far. Leave some extra room in the scrapbook so they can continue to add to it as their life goes on!

More Gift Ideas

If alcohol doesnít seem like the best gift for a new 21-year-old to you then there are still plenty of other gift ideas. One of the best all time gifts for a 21-year-old is a gift card to a grocery store, clothing store, or restaurant. Movie tickets are a nice gift as well as an at home movie rental service. Satellite radio has recently become popular among this age set and would be a great gift, too. Lots of 21 year olds would also appreciate an MP3 player or any other type of technological device.


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