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Birthday Gift Ideas: For 30th Birthday

Turning 30 is a big deal. In fact, most people turn 30 and feel as if they have finally matured and started living an adult life. Yet, some feel sad about leaving their youth behind. However, turning 30 still leaves plenty of room for fun and those celebrating this birthday will enjoy a celebration with friends and family. A good gift is dinner and a movie or even a huge party with everyone invited. Other good gift ideas include perfume or cologne. Almost all men and women celebrating their 30th birthday would really appreciate a gift of this nature.

Other good gifts to give to someone turning 30 include any of their favorite clothes and accessories. Earrings, belts, ties, hair products, or even makeup products are good gifts for this birthday. A fun gift idea would be to give 30 cupcakes, a cake that weighs 30 pounds, 30 coupons, or anything in increments of 30. Itís a creative and fun way to celebrate a 30th birthday.

A Plasma or 3D TV If you are looking a gift for your husband or significant otherís 30th birthday then consider a plasma or 3D TV. What man wouldnít want a giant plasma TV for their birthday? There are many different sizes and brands, but as long as itís a plasma, big, and has a clear picture your man will be pleased. Add a sports package to your cable or Direct TV plan and you will see the happiest birthday boy ever. Or go for the 3D TVís and really show him that turning 30 can be great!

Past, Present and Future Ring Women love jewelry and there is no better gift for your wifeís 30th birthday than a diamond past, present, and future ring. These rings can be found at almost all jewelry stores, as well as online. They come in all sizes and price ranges. This can be symbolic of a relationship or simply her life. 30 marks an important year, so commemorate it with a ring that symbolizes her past, the present, and her bright future!

A Party There are so many 30th birthday related party supplies that could turn any type of party in a blast! This can be fun way to joke about aging and bring light to fact the someoneís 20ís are now behind them or that this is truly just the beginning. There are many different kinds of gag gifts for a 30th birthday party that will make everyone laugh. This party can small gathering, or can be a big get together. Either way, incorporate turning 30 into it playfully or seriously, depending on the birthday boyís/ girlís personality.

An Apple iPad Since the iPad came out, they have become one of the most popular electronics to buy. Give the gift of the cool, convenient, and fun iPad. Load it up with all the greatest apps, create a photo album of the birthday boy/girlís life, and make a playlist of the all popular songs from when they were in high school. An iPad makes a great gift for almost anyone on any occasion. Personalizing it this way will make it that much sweeter and that much more appreciated!

More Gift Ideas

There are plenty of gifts that you could give someone turning 30. Basically any gift that reflects the likes and personality of the birthday girl/boy is a perfect gift. If you donít have a lot of time to put into the gift or just arenít very creative the following ideas work for most everyone!

  • A manicure/pedicure for the well groomed 30 year old.
  • A new cell phone to stay in touch.
  • An Mp3 player is also a gift for those birthday girls and boys who are music fans and always on the go.


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