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Birthday Gift Ideas: For 40th Birthday

Most people dread their 40th birthday, both men and women alike. There is just something about saying goodbye to the 30s which makes a person finally feel old. Since birthdays should be celebrated instead of dreaded, a big celebration and great gifts should accompany this birthday. People should consider a gift that will last all year long even though their spouse is turning 40, the entire year will be enjoyed. There is no better gift idea than season tickets to the spouse’s favorite event to ensure an enjoyable 40th year.

Other gift givers, like parents, friends, and children, can think of creative gifts that will make the 40th birthday a lot of fun. Normal gifts like clothes or accessories are acceptable as well as any item the individual collects.

Season Tickets for Him Season Tickets for Him- If your husband loves basketball, baseball, football, NASCAR, or some other sport then buy him season tickets for his 40th birthday. This is a big gift that can be enjoyed for an entire season and your husband can take you along, one of his friends, or even a son to enjoy the games. Men love sports and season tickets to their favorite sports team will really make them happy to be 40. Top it off with a parking pass, or supplies for tailgating and you will win the wife of the year award.

Tickets for Her Women often have the most difficult time turning 40 so finding a year round gift, so to speak, is a great opportunity to enjoy this birthday. Season tickets to the opera, plays, concerts, or even a sports team will always be appreciated and enjoyed. Look into upcoming concerts of her favorite bands or musicians and get her tickets to that concert. Find her favorite band from high school and see if they still put on shows and take her down memory lane! Find things from her past, like her favorite movie when she was 21 or her favorite pair of jeans. Reintroduce her to her youth and show her that her life has been well lived so far and will only get better!

Gift certificates for an ongoing experience Get her a gift certificate for a weekly or monthly massage. Let her feel pampered throughout the year, not just on a single occasion. Show her that she is special enough to get a royal treatment like this. Or how about a weekly or monthly maid service? This is such a great gift for anyone as it relieves stress, frees up time, and gives people a break. If she is stressing over turning 40, let her relax more and take some of her duties off her plate. Any type of ongoing experience is sure to make your wife enjoy her birthday!

Throw a Party This can be for anyone who is turning 40. Make fun out of the situation and go overboard with the “Over the Hill” supplies. Make the party a celebration of surviving your youth and now moving forward in life. Invite family and friends to celebrate, have great food, great drinks, and maybe even a live band. This is about celebrating someone’s life, so make it memorable and enjoyable. Play a photo montage of their life so far and let everyone see what they have achieved. Lighten the mood even more with the Over the Hill gag gifts and party supplies. This can be hard birthday for some, so making it as light and fun as possible will make them feel that 40 doesn’t have to be old!

More Gift Ideas

Here are some other gift ideas for the individual turning 40. You may have some ideas of your own, but these suggestions are always good gifts that most anyone will enjoy!

  • Over the hill gifts are a given for a 40th birthday party.
  • A box of fine chocolates, like Godiva is sure to be enjoyed by anyone.
  • An orchid or other exotic plant works for both men or women celebrating their 40th.
  • As individuals age they are interested in regaining their figure. For these folks a gym membership is a great idea.


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