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Birthday Gift Ideas: For 60th Birthday

Celebrating a 60th birthday is a big deal and it deserves recognition. The best way to celebrate a 60th birthday, whether it is yours or your spouseís is with a great gift and a fun celebration. Finding the right gift for someone celebrating their 60th birthday may not be easy, so the following gift ideas might help.

If you are buying a gift for a friend then a pass for a round of golf or a massage is always a thoughtful gift. Other less expensive gift ideas include a nice candle or wallet. If these ideas are not appropriate for your friend then think of what your friend likes to do. A book is always a good gift for avid readers and most seniors would enjoy a magazine subscription.

If you are buying a gift for your husband or wife then a bigger gift is certainly in order. For example, a wife could give her husband a golf vacation with friends or a sports fishing vacation to enjoy with the guys. A husband could give his wife a shopping vacation to enjoy with her sisters or friends. Of course, the couple could take another honeymoon and vacation together.

Gift Ideas

If you are still looking for gift ideas for someone celebrating their 60th anniversary then consider the following:

  • A bonsai tree for plant lovers
  • A basket of organic cookies and sweets for the health nut
  • A cookbook for the chef or grill utensils
  • A handheld back massager for had workers
  • Books on tape for the traveler

Golf Vacation

If your husband is a golf lover then consider a round of golf or even a golf vacation for his 60th birthday gift. You can tag along and enjoy the spas and lying poolside while your husband plays golf. You can arrange a golf vacation on your own, or else browse the Internet for companies that specialize in golf packages. Your husband will love to receive a gift that is just for him to enjoy and will certainly thank you for it.

Shopping Vacation

Finding the right gift for your wifeís 60th birthday might be a challenge for some men, especially after they have purchased so many gifts over the years. One original gift that will certainly be loved by any women is a shopping vacation. Simply do some research and find a city that has lots of outlets and great shopping, book a nice suite, and send your wife shopping. You can send her with friends, or go with her, just make sure you donít complain about going in all the stores!


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