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Birthday Gift Ideas: Beyonce's 31st Birthday – What Birthday Gifts Did She Get?

Cindy Rupp

The fourth of September was Beyoncé's 31st birthday. If you are a big fan of the Texas-born singer, songwriter, record-producer, dancer and actress, you might be interested to know what the superstar got for her birthday.

Beyoncé did indeed receive numerous birthday wishes from her friends and fans alike with many expressing their messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networking sites. One story that got a lot of news coverage on her big day was the public birthday card she received from celebrities, friends and family members. The greeting card was posted on the entertainer's official website for all to see and enjoy. It's also being shown on every gossip website and at online celebrity magazines so there's no problem finding it if you have yet to take a look.

Among the most notable birthday wishes on the card came from Gwenyth Paltrow, a huge fan whose message clearly conveyed her admiration for Beyoncé. Paltrow told the star in her message that she and her family love her very much. In case anyone does not know, Paltrow is married to Chris Martin, the lead singer of the band Coldplay. The couple has two children together named Apple and Moses. It's well known in celebrity circles that Paltrow is good friends with Beyoncé and that the two of them are neighbors. Paltrow's entire family signed their own names to the card and by the looks of it, Apple had to retrace some of her letters a couple of times!

Beyoncé's celeb-studded birthday Card also included messages from ex-bandmate Michelle Williams, and Beyoncé's mother-in-law Mama Carter (Jay-Z's mom). In her message, Mama Carter said that she admired how the entertainer has remained grounded and humble and hasn't let success change who is she. All of the birthday wishes scrawled on the card in honor of Beyoncé's 31st birthday seem to be very sincere and from the heart. It could be however, that some of the people signing the card did so because they saw a great opportunity to prove to the world how close they are to Beyoncé. This should come as no surprise as celebs and non-celebs alike tend to ride on other's fame whenever possible.

There's little doubt that Beyoncé's celeb-studded birthday Card will make the rounds online as everything coming out of Hollywood always does. It's also a sure thing that the gorgeous singer/songwriter received some very nice birthday gifts from friends, family and her famous husband Jay-Z at the bash held on the star's birthday which by the way was attended by some of the top A-listers in the entertainment biz.

While on the topic of Beyoncé's birthday, it's only apropos to mention the gift to her sister's 25th birthday. Last June when little sister turned twenty-five on the 24th, Beyoncé reportedly gifted her sister Solange with a surprise delivery of twenty-five pairs of designer shoes. The “Run the World' hit-maker made the arrangements herself with high-end department stores in the Big Apple so that her younger sibling would get her gift on her big day. The gift to her sister's 25th birthday was reportedly very much appreciated as Solange loves wearing the latest designer footwear.

Solange later celebrated her birthday with a couple dozen of her closest pals at a nightclub in Las Vegas. Solange's big sister is well-known for her generosity toward those people she cares about. The year before she gave hubby Jay-Z a multimillion dollar sports car when he turned forty-one. All this proves that Beyoncé is indeed a class act and a star who is very much loved by friends, family and fans alike!


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