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Do You Know What Would Really Happen If You Give One of Those Birthday Gifts to ...?

Feb. 10, 2015

1. Cheeseburger Phone

A gift for boyfriend/husband who is too serious or too funny.

Image courtesy of funnygiftsforchristmas.com on Funny Gift Ideas Pinterest board.

2. WINE RACK - Smuggle Booze In Your Boobs

A senseational gift from girlfriend/wife to boyfriend or husband.

Image courtesy of baronbob.com

3. River's Edge Baby Bass Lure Mailbox with Tamper Proof Mounting Hardware

A thoughtful and unique birthday gift for boyfriend, husband, dad or grandpa.

Image courtesy of amazon.com on Pinterest.

4. Stop Following Me Shirt

A good gift for someone who easily gets mad.

Image courtesy of funnygiftsforchristmas.com/ on Funny Gift Ideas

5. Toilet Mug

Thinking twice before you give out this gift.

Image courtesy of homewetbar.com

6. Money Toilet Paper

A perfect gift for those who have too much money or don't care about money.

Image courtesy of stupid.com.

7. Reluctant Groom Cake Topper

A gift for newly-wedded husband or wife.

Image courtesy of gadgetsandgear.com

8. Fingerstache Tattoos

Surprise your boyfriend or husband while taking that birthday picture.

Image courtesy of heliotropehome.com

9. Your Faces on Adam and Eve Artwork

A passionate gift from girlfriend/wife to boyfriend/husband or from boyfriend/husband to girlfriend/wife.

Image courtesy of findgift.com

10. Blow Monkey Nail Dryer

A gift just for girls.

Image courtesy of totally-funky.co.uk


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