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Birthday Gift Ideas: For Father

Waverunner Summer is here and dads like to get out and have some fun as well. A great gift for any day is a waverunner, also known as a jet ski, to enjoy the lakes, rivers, and oceans. These machines are fast and big enough to carry two or even three people. That means dad can get out with the kids and really have some fun. There is nothing like going out on a waverunner and enjoying the sun and water. Dads may be surprised to receive this gift but they will certainly love it for many years!

Grill Light What dad doesnít like to grill out, especially during the summer time? Most dadís really love to get outside and cook some meat on the grill but there is always just one little problem. As it gets dark it gets much more difficult to see the meat that is cooking. That means itís easy to overcook certain meats or else undercook them because dad canít see. A grill light is a perfect solution to this problem and the great thing is they are very affordable. Grill lights shine a bright light on the food while the base is a magnet that sticks to the grill. Itís a wonderful gift and dad will love it!

Nothing means more to a dad than a handmade gift from their kids. Dads love anything their kids make for them! Cards, picture and flowers.

Scanning these magic words to spark innovative gift ideas.

  • Gourmet coffee, cheesecake
  • DVD Players, Laptops
  • Fitness membership
  • Animated greeting card
  • Hawaii vacation for both Dad and Mom
  • Gifts from daughter
  • Show your cooking talent
  • Family tree, family history
  • Origin of his name
  • Ancestral records, heritage
  • Family reunion
  • Birthday gift baskets
  • Sterling chain
  • Golf clubs, golf club membership
  • Horse, dog


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