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Christmas Gift Ideas: For Teachers

Christmas season is the perfect time of year to show your appreciation for the wonderful things your teachers have done through the year. A gift for teachers should express respect and affection without being extravagant. Get your kids involved if you're shopping for the gifts for their teachers. You may also need to check with your school district for any restrictions or guidelines.

A Coffee Mug The best gift for teachers is a coffee mug filled with a bag of nice coffee beans or tea. If you know your teacher likes a certain flavor, like vanilla or mocha, then buy that kind of flavored coffee for her. You could also include a bit of biscotti attached to the mug with a pretty ribbon so she has a great snack to go with her coffee. They will love the gift because not only is it thoughtful, but it is also useful. Teachers adore these kinds of gifts and you will really express your gratitude when you give the teacher a coffee bean filled mug with a bit of biscotti on the side!

Supply Basket Most people don't spend a lot of money on their teachers' gifts, but that doesn't mean that you canít find a good gift on a small budget. One great idea for teachers' gifts is to buy several different kinds of sticky notes, some of your teacher's favorite pens, and create a little basket of all the supplies your teacher likes best. Just watch the pens and types of notes your teacher uses and you will know what to buy. Teachers must buy their own supplies so it is nice when a student gives them things they need as a gift!

Potted plant or flower A nice gift to give a teacher would be a hand-painted flower pot that is the perfect size for their desk. Include the dirt and either a bulb for a plant or seeds for some flowers. Make sure the plant or flowers can stay confined in a small pot and donít require too much direct sunlight as you wonít know where it is best for the teacher to put the pot. This is a nice, yet affordable gift to show you are grateful for what they have done for you or your children. This is a gift that will last all year and hopefully for years to come too!

Collage from students Get all the students and parents involved in making a collage of some sort to give to the teacher from the entire class. For younger kids, putting their hand prints together with each of them signing their name and having it framed is a perfect gift any teacher would love to have. Or have each child write a sentence saying why this is their favorite teacher and frame it. This not only serves as a thoughtful Christmas present, but also a reminder for the teacher that they are making a difference in these kidsí lives!

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