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Graduation Gift Ideas: Give Dorm Room Essentials as a Graduation Gift

Tiffany Drinnen

When I graduated from high school and was going off to college that following fall, I needed so many things since I was going to live in the dorms my freshman year. I got a lot of those things as presents and plenty of gift cards to take care of mostly the rest. These are the types of gifts a high school graduate should receive since these are the things that they will need the most. College is a huge culture shock to most freshman and living in the dorms is a whole new world. You live in this tiny room with a roommate who you met when you moved in. Usually there are bunk beds, two desks, and two closets. Not much room for anything else, so the things you do have need to be small and compact. Some dorms even have a community bathroom, so you donít have the luxury of a bathroom in your room. So with this, there are so many things new graduates need that they donít have.

To start off, dorm room beds are made longer than typical twin size beds. Perhaps this is to accommodate the taller students or maybe just to make shopping for bedding a little harder. So the new freshman will need a few sets of extra-long twin sheets to fit these beds. Dorm living is all about consolidating and organizing so everything fits and you still have room to breathe. Plastic bins of all different sizes are very useful for clothes and shoes. Since the closet space is limited to say the least, a gift of clear bins will be extremely useful. Whether the bathroom is down the hall or shared between two rooms, leaving your shower stuff in the bathroom isnít appropriate or accepted. Giving the gift of a shower kit that includes a basket to carry back and forth is a great way to help the student. Dorm life doesnít allow for an access to a kitchen that easily either, so there are plenty of things to give in regards to that.

Some students bring their own mini refrigerator or split the cost of one with their roommate. This is an essential item to have so they have the ability to keep things cold in their room. This saves a lot of headaches if there is a communal kitchen somewhere on the floor and that is all they have. A small coffee maker would probably be the most welcomed gift for any new college student. There will be very early mornings and very late nights studying, so having their own coffee maker will make a world of difference. You can also get them a set of mugs and all the necessities for making coffee. Even small plates and a set of silverware can make a great gift as there will be plenty of times that take-out and delivery are the only dinner options.

One of the only times a gift card doesnít seem impersonal is when itís a graduation gift. This will be so important as now the student has to buy their own day to day necessities when they run out as opposed to having mom do it for them. They are fully responsible for everything they need now, from laundry detergent to shampoo. Make it an extra special gift by reloading the gift card half way through the school year.

It is hard to turn your life upside down and go from the comforts of home to living in the dorms where comfort can seem hard to find. It takes getting used to and is a once in a lifetime experience that all freshman should take. Helping out the graduate with these types of things can really make their first year so much easier. A lot of students make a lot of mistakes when it comes to living in the dorms, like being unprepared, bringing too much stuff, or not bringing enough. Stock up this student with everything they will need so they will have some of the luxuries they had at home, just in a smaller version.


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