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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: How to Make a Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Natalie Aranda

When searching for gift ideas for a Valentine's Day gift, one great item that works for anyone in your life is a gift basket. Gift baskets can be large or small, practical or romantic. They do not need to be expensive, but can be if you are looking for a really nice gift. Because you decide what goes in the basket, you can really tailor the price to fit your budget.

For Valentine's Gift ideas, you first need to decide what sort of tone you want to set with the basket. Do you want your gift to be romantic? Sweet and thoughtful? Silly and playful? Gift baskets can range from sensual to friendly, and you should decide what you want to convey before you start planning what will go in your basket.

For Valentine's gifts for your girlfriend, first select a pretty container. You do not need to stick with a traditional basket, although many women do like to collect them. Line the container with a few sheets of nice tissue paper. Gifts should be placed in the basket in an organized manner. Larger gifts go in the back, and smaller in the front. What you put in the basket will depend on the woman you are making it for. For a romantic gift, try bath products, scented candles, a romance novel, boxed chocolates, and finish it off with a piece of jewelry, presented in the front of the basket in a gift box. For a more platonic gift, try a cloth covered journal or day planner, a boxed pen and pencil set, a few boxes of conversation heart candy, and a gift card to her favorite store or to the movie theater. Of course, you can personalize the gift baskets with items that are meaningful to you and your girlfriend.

For Valentine's gifts for your boyfriend, a functional container is usually best. You can use a small tackle box or tool box to place the items in. If you decide to go with a traditional basket, one that is dark colored and more masculine should be your choice. Again, you will want to pick items that are appropriate for the type of relationship you have, as well as for the personality of your boyfriend. Designer coffees, tools, fishing lures, CD's, books, an attractive pen set, and gift cards are all good items to start with.


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