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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: For Boyfriend

Women receive more gifts than men do on Valentine's Day, but women spend more time thinking, searching, and shopping for Valentine's gifts. If your relationship with your boyfriend is a bottle of wine, a unique gift is the bottle. A special gift holds a wonderful moment of your life.

Your boyfriend will love the gifts that every boy or man loves - wines, shirts, ties, wallets, or chocolates. He may like a super-slim iPod that can hold up to thousands of songs in his pocket.

Don't know what to get your boyfriend for Valentine's Day? Gift baskets are great Valentineís Day gifts because there isn't a guy that doesn't like food.

Gift Ideas

  • Wife, a bottle of wine
  • Personalized greeting cards
  • Boys toys
  • Rock climbing
  • Opener, magnet

  • Show your cooking talent
  • Vamping trip, barbecue
  • Opera, symphony, moose Gifts
  • Novelty gifts, gift of love
  • Collectable bear

  • Funny valentine day poem,
  • Computer accessaries, books on tape
  • Digital cameras, DVD player
  • Calling cards
  • Handmade gifts, love story

  • Running shoes, soccer shoes
  • Box of chocolate
  • Name A Star After him
  • Yacht racing, horse, dog
  • Gourmet coffee

Digital Cameras

A perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day is a digital camera. These cameras have come a long way and have so many different features or options that there is one out there for him. So, when you are looking for the perfect Valentine's gift, why not buy a really cool digital camera for your loved one? Men and women alike will appreciate this gift, as long as they have an interest in taking photos. There are a wide range of digital cameras on the market from affordable to expensive so no matter what your budget for a Valentine's Day gift there is a digital camera for you.

Soccer Shoes

Does that man in your life love soccer? If so then you know what would be a great Valentine's Day gift idea? Soccer shoes! All soccer loving men could use a nice, new pair of soccer shoes and Valentine's Day is a perfect day to reward him. Women love romantic gifts on this special day, but men are just happy with a gift most of the time. But, if you want to make it romantic then you can get creative. Consider presenting yourself to your man in nothing but his new soccer shoes and see if he doesn't respond to the two gifts in one!

Create your own t-shirt

There is no doubt that your boyfriend has a favorite movie, song, or TV show that he quotes all the time. So surprise him with a shirt you designed that has his favorite saying on it. Will Ferrell movies and Family Guy shows seem to be extremely popular with guys and itís safe to say that any quote from those movies or shows will put a grin on his face. Donít be surprised if he ends up wearing this shirt a lot because guys love a good laugh and he will be sure to give his friends a good laugh too.

Bottle opener cell phone case

Get creative this year and get him something he will truly love and something you know he will use. Get a bottle opener cell phone case for his particular phone and let him be in awe of a great invention for guys. Men love to multitask and this is another way that he can carry as little as possible and be able to do 2 things with 1 item. His friends will love this gift and will most likely want one of their own. This way he will never be without a bottle opener or his phone!


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