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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: For Dad

Some kids write captions like "We treasure you", "We scored big with you" or "We love you" on a chart paper. Others prepare a photo frame, carrying the words "You are the Best Dad in the world".

Children of all ages, even adult children, can collect recent photographs of the family members and prepare a mini scrapbook. A "Kiss Jar" is a fun gift, too, prepared by painting the outside of a jar with hearts and kisses and adding Hershey's candy kisses inside. Another neat gift is a puzzle pin is prepared by arranging old jigsaw puzzle pieces. Nothing means more to a dad than a handmade gift from their kids.

Gift Ideas

  • Sterling chain, watch
  • Jacket, T-shirt, towers
  • Laptops, PDA, Internet Phone
  • Golf bags, gold clubs
  • Football tickets

  • Holiday fruit basket
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • DVD Players, digital cameras
  • Hawaii vacation
  • Christian music

  • Show your cooking talent
  • A bottle of wine
  • Chocolate candy
  • Gifts for weight watchers
  • Music boxes

Sport Accessories

Dad is often the one who's been busy all time to support the family. A few hours of time to relax in weekend is what he needs to ready to go back to hard work next week. Sports accessories make great gifts because it lets him know that you are supportive of his interests. Men like practical gifts, and sports accessories are always appreciated because he is going to need to buy them anyway. Also, purchasing sports accessories can be a way to let him know that you care enough to take the time to find something he could really use. If your dad happens to play golf, golf clubs, golf bags or books are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts.

PDA Accessories

Your dad will appreciate PDA accessories if he uses a PDA device to accomplish his daily work activities. Among the accessories you can choose from a sophisticated Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset, to inexpensive, non-scratch cleaning wipes, since your love counts and not the price. Today, most people enjoy the freedom of wireless communication, so the dad who receives a smartphone car cradle among his Valentine's gifts, will feel delighted. There are also metal hard cases for popular PDA and smartphones devices, as well as specific items according to the brand of the personal assistant or cell phone.


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