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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: For husband

If your relationship with your husband is a bottle of wine, a unique gift is the bottle. A special gift holds a wonderful moment of your life. Although love has no date for being demonstrated, Valentine's Day is an excellent loving excuse to visit your local store or browse the Internet for gifts.

Professionals and businessmen will appreciate PDA or smartphone accessories, as most of them have at least one of these devices to accomplish their daily work activities. Among the accessories you can choose from a sophisticated Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset, to inexpensive, non-scratch cleaning wipes, since your love counts and not the price.

I am sure you're tired of getting your husband the same old Valentine's Day gifts every year. Gift baskets are great Valentine's Day gifts and there are all types to choose from that your husband will love.

Gift Ideas

  • Horse, dog
  • Gourmet coffee
  • Miniature tea set
  • DVD Players, Laptops
  • Fitness, surf

  • Romantic spa
  • Erotic massage oils
  • Sensual massage oils
  • Show your cooking talent
  • A bottle of wine, Cigar

  • Camping trip, barbecue
  • Opera, symphony, ballet, concert
  • Stuffed Teddy Bear
  • Golf bags, golf clubs
  • Teenage boys

  • Books on tape, audio books
  • Digital cameras, memory chips
  • Star soap, heart shaped
  • Love quotes
  • Fruit and wine


For the man who always has a hundred things to do there is no better Valentine's Day gift idea than an smartphone. These phones make communicating with your special someone so much easier and with the variety of features, he will be able to tackle anything with just the push of a button. A smartphone is a fantastic Valentine's Day gift idea for a woman or a man and it will make communicating that much easier and way more fun. If you won't be together that special day then buy two smartphones, one for you and one for your significant other, and mail it to them. That way Valentine's Day can be spent talking sweet nothings into each other's ears no matter how far away you are.

Gourmet Coffee

The smell of coffee in the morning is the best way to get a fresh start to the day. But, the aroma of gourmet coffee is even better not to mention the taste. Gourmet coffee is a fabulous Valentine's Day gift idea for that special coffee lover in your life. A good idea is to buy a pretty red basket, line it with some red and pink napkins or even a piece of cloth covered in hearts, and then fill the basket with several of your loved one's favorite gourmet coffees, big mugs, and some biscotti. This beautiful gourmet coffee basket will make a great Valentine's Day gift to that someone special and will cost less than buying a pre-made one as well!

A fish training kit

Go with humor and smiles this year and get him something utterly unexpected, a fish training kit. This kit allows you to train most small fish, goldfish in particular, to shoot hoops, fetch, and even limbo dance! This actually makes a great and fun gift that he truly never saw coming. This will keep him entertained for a long time and it can also be used with the kids as a fun and exciting activity. He can even bring his fishbowl to the office for any down time he might have, so he can play a little soccer with his new fish.

Sports decorated chocolate strawberries

Make Valentineís Day a little more masculine, yet still keep the idea of Valentineís Day alive. Get him a basket of chocolate covered strawberries decorated to look like little footballs. This will be a welcomed gift for sure since not many people can resist delicious food dipped in chocolate, especially if they are footballs! If football isnít his sport, you can get basketball, soccer, or baseball decorated strawberries too. And if strawberries arenít his thing, there are cookies and other deserts that come in sports themes as well. This is a nice way to celebrate the day of love without spending a fortune and without giving him anything heart-shaped or pink!


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