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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: For Mom

Nothing means more to a mom than a handmade gift from their kids. Moms love anything their kids make for them - cards, picture and flowers. You express your love and appreciation for your mum on Valentine's Day.

Mother and children statues are an apt Valentine's Day gift. So are themed gifts like giving a small box that represents a room where inside the box the recipient will find stuffed teddy bears sitting on a sofa with "We Love our Parents" written on a tiny picture hanging over the sofa, and a 'bears family' with the family names written on each bear drawn on an accompanying card.

Gift Ideas

  • Soak in the bath
  • Time on her own
  • A week's worth of precooked food
  • Florida vacation
  • Italian food
  • Boyfriend
  • A bottle of wine
  • Camping trip, barbecue
  • Chocolate candy
  • Beauty treatment
  • Spa gift certificate
  • Ultimate relaxation basket
  • Bracelets, necklaces
  • Silver jewelry, celtic jewelry
  • Designer perfume
  • Old fashioned candy
  • Candles, candle holders
  • Easy meals, brownies
  • Handmade gifts, handmade jewelry

Beauty Treatment

Mom is the one who takes care of everyone in the family. A special Valentine's Day gift is beauty treatments. You want to say we love and you're beautiful. Flowers are always appreciated, but sometimes you want to give something a little different on this special day of love. Women love beauty treatments so this is always a great gift idea. Beauty treatments like massages, manicures, pedicures, or a whole day at the spa is a great way to say "I love you" to that someone special.

Scented Candles

The idea that only women love scented candles is not really the case. In fact, scented candles make a great Valentine's gift for women or men. Of course, more women will appreciate a scented candle than men will, but if you know your significant other's tastes then you will know if a scented candle is a good gift or not. If you give gifts to other individuals on Valentine's Day like your mother or mother in law then scented candles really are a great gift idea. Another way to give scented candles on Valentine's Day is to create a gift basket full of other fun and romantic items and add the candles as well.


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