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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: For wife

Unique Valentine's gifts are personalized. Personalized gifts show an extra bit of thoughtfulness. Those are the gifts that both you and your loved ones will remember for many years. Unique gifts have a personal touch whether you give the gifts to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mom, dad, daughters or sons.

A thoughtful gift for your wife that will be appreciated is always flowers. The best flowers to give at Valentine's time are red roses. Flowers show how fresh and precious your love is. Flowers remind her how beautiful and elegant she is.

Gift Ideas

  • Valentine poems
  • Earrings, celtic jewelry
  • Animated valentine cards
  • Bracelets, necklaces
  • Flower bulb, wild flower

  • Cappuccino mugs
  • Fur lamps
  • Scented candles
  • Victorian jewelry, antique jewelry
  • Personalized romance novel

  • Theme gift basket, candles
  • Erotic perfume
  • Romantic gift baskets
  • Marriage, intimacy, private parts
  • Homemade gift

  • Bubble bath
  • Fitness tapes
  • Hawaii vacation, surf
  • Romantic spa, bath baskets
  • Erotic massage oils, sensual massage oils

Jewelry Boxes

Women expect gifts on Valentine's Day. Probably the two most popular gifts are flowers and chocolates, but women are always looking and waiting for a different and original gift. A great Valentine's Day gift idea is to give a jewelry box and place a special little bauble inside. Your woman will be excited you thought of something new and different to give and will never expect to find a ring, necklace, or bracelet hidden inside her new jewelry box. If you are proposing on Valentine's Day this could be even more romantic and special. This is an extraordinary gift idea that serves as a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Sensual Massage Oils

Love and romance is in the air for Valentine's Day and men and women alike have high expectations on this special day. So, why not go out of your way to make it especially romantic? A great gift idea, for either a woman or a man, is a variety of sensual massage oils. In addition to the massage oils you could give a coupon book filled with little notes promising a full hour massage, a foot massage, or anything more creative you might come up with to spice up your relationship. Then, have fun Valentine's night with the sensual massage oils and for the rest of the year!

Infinity Diamond Necklace

Since you have already given her the rest of your life, why not give her until the end of time with an Infinity diamond necklace. A necklace with the infinity symbol, accented in diamonds and gold will make the perfect gift and an ever more perfect statement. This is a beautiful symbol on its own, but given as a token of love will mean the world to her. Show her how special she is to you and how infinity wouldn’t be worthwhile unless she was there next to your side. These necklaces come in many different styles, gold, and sizes so you will find the exact one for her at a price you can certainly afford.

Indoor Tea Growing Kit

There are many different kinds of indoor growing kits, but get something a little different with an indoor tea growing kit. Whether she is a tea drinker or not, these plants create aromatherapy with seeds for lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile are knows to produce soothing scents. Getting to create fresh tea from the plants makes this something she will love tending to. This makes a great indoor decoration as they can be placed in beautiful pots and set on any window sill. She will love such a unique and thoughtful gift that will brighten up any day.


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