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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: A Guide for Choosing Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers

Natalie Aranda

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for florists, as many people choose to give flowers as their Valentine's Day gift. Coming up with gift ideas can be tough, and flowers are often an ideal choice.

There are three main ways to purchase Valentine's Day flowers. First, you can purchase them from a local vendor. When it is close to Valentine's Day, you will often see booths or carts set up selling flowers. You can also purchase them from supermarkets. This is generally the most inexpensive way to purchase flowers, but you will not be able to have them delivered, you will need to go yourself to purchase them, and sometimes the flowers are not very fresh. The second option is to purchase flowers from a local florist. You can either go into the store yourself, or call them to place an order. Local florists will typically deliver, and some people prefer to select what goes into their bouquet themselves. They might also have Valentine's gift ideas that can be sent along with your flowers, such as teddy bears, balloons, or chocolates. The final option is to purchase the flowers from the internet. You can sometimes find bargains on flowers, or get special perks thrown in such as a free vase. You will not have much say in how your bouquet is prepared, but you'll be able to view a picture of it ahead of time. You will be able to have the flowers delivered to a home or office.

On Valentine's Day, the classic choice is the long stem red rose. Red roses are typically purchased by the dozen, and look stunning with baby's breath intertwined. Although red is the most common color choice for this holiday, you might prefer to be more original and select yellow, pink, or crimson roses. Some people think roses are too cliché on Valentine's Day, so they like to mix it up. When purchasing Valentine's gifts for your wife, you could also go with daisies, tulips, carnations, or even a mixed bouquet of flowers. Many women enjoy having flowers delivered to their workplace so that everyone can see what a thoughtful husband they have.

Wives aren't the only ones who enjoy flowers. Although not traditionally given as Valentine's gifts for a husband, many women are now deciding to send their sweetheart flowers. White roses make a great choice and potted plants are also an option. You can find masculine selections online, or ask your local florist to help you create something that your husband will enjoy.


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