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10 Gifts I Don't Want from My Boyfriend This Valentine's Day

By Zoe McMahon (Feb. 1, 2015 )

1. Definitely not one of those expensive Victoria’s Secret lingerie pieces. That's what I bought for your birthday.

Image souce therichest.com

2. Not movie tickets to 50 Shades of Grey. That's what many girlfriends will get for this Valentine's Day.

Image souce fanpop.com

3. Don't run a classified ad if you want to propose. I want that moment just for two of us.

Image souce adweek.com

4. Don't take me to the place where we first met. I want to save that for our honeymoon.

Image souce zurbaines.com

5. Not make-up either. You know I'm pretty without make-up on.

Image souce beautiful you

6. Not cook me a meal since you've never done that before.

Image souce hercampus.com

7. Not a Ted Bear, and you know the reason.

Image souce skodn.com

8. Not ice-skating.

Image souce hercampus.com

9. Not flowers.

Image souce bigbackground.com

10. Not concert tickets.

Image souce broadripple411.com

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