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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: Valentine's Day Gifts: from Kids to Mom and Dad

Natalie Aranda

Valentine’s Day is about honoring the ones you love, and kids want to be a part of it. When helping a kid find gift ideas for mom and dad, you’ll want to remember to keep it simple. A Valentine’s Day gift should be something from the heart, so even if the kid wants to get mom a pair of monkey slippers, Mom is likely to love it.

Some of the best Valentine’s Gift ideas for children to give their parents are homemade gifts. One popular idea is handprint art. You can buy kits that allow you to make a cement impression of the child’s handprint, which then hardens and can be displayed. You can also select a piece of heavy card stock and cover the child’s hands in paint. Gently press the child’s hands on the paper and then lift straight up. Have the child write their name and age on the paper, and after it dries, have it framed. This can be a great memento for young children to give to their parents. You can also purchase a flat frame and have the child decorate it. Then place a picture of the child in the frame for their parents. Even a homemade card is sure to be a hit.

Valentine’s gifts for mom can include a bouquet of flowers or a collection of chocolates. Another great idea is to give Mom the gift of relaxation. You can hire a cleaning company to come in and clean the house for Mom. Have the child draw a card which lets Mom know that she has the day off. Arrange for Mom to hit the salon for a massage and a manicure and pedicure. Get carryout and have the child place it on the table for a meal that “they did themselves.” You can even give the gift of a babysitter to Mom so she can have a private date out with Dad.

When looking for Valentine’s gifts for dad, think of ideas that he can do with the child. Purchase tickets to a sporting event, and have the child make a card that shows the two of them at the game. Model kits, such as a car or airplane, are great for Dad and an older child to make together. If Dad stays at home with the kids, arrange for him to have a day off so he can relax on the couch or head out with his friends.

Gifts from children do not need to be fancy or expensive to warm the heart of Mom and Dad on Valentine’s Day.


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