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Valentine Gifts and Gift Ideas: What to get Her for Valentines

Caitlina Fuller

This is about the time of year when men and women both start to panic about Valentine’s Day. This special occasion can be the worst day or the best day depending on how you look at it. People who have a lot of financial freedom may choose to surprise their loved one with an extravagant piece of jewelry, an all inclusive trip to a beautiful resort, or with the commitment of a lifetime. If you do choose to propose on this day, you might want to consider some different Valentines gift ideas because it seems a little predictable and definitely cliché. It’s probably true that February 14th is probably the day that men propose to women the most.

But there are always other little ways to show your wife or girlfriend that they are special to you without emptying your wallet. You can always make your girlfriend something that she will love. Poetry writing and card writing will always touch her heart in a way that material gifts cannot. I would also stay away from the classic Valentines Day gifts like a heart shaped chocolate box with a big bow or a dozen red roses from your local super market. The on the go girl of this generation needs something different; something more than the classic thoughtless gifts that require little effort at all. Perhaps this year, you can send her favorite flowers to her door before work so she can enjoy them all day and on top of that, she knows that you planned it beforehand. A magazine subscription to her favorite read will also make it seem like you listen to her and you really know what she is all about. For those who have been in a longer relationship, dressing up and taking her out to something she loves to do will make her feel like the beginning again.

Dinner is almost always a must during this holiday. Make sure to make a reservation quite a few days in advance because it is one of the busiest days to eat out and waiting around for an hour with a hungry girl is not fun.

But if you do have the money, it doesn’t hurt to visit a couple jewelry stores because pendants and earrings will always be well received. Valentines gifts for girlfriend can take a lot of thought and a lot of money, but aren’t they worth it?


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