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Wedding Gifts and Wedding Favors: Tom Cruise's Wedding Gifts

Cindy Rupp

Handsome Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has been in the spotlight a great deal lately but if he had his say, he would not be the subject of hundreds and even thousands of articles about him that are out there today. As if the odd details surrounding the divorce of he and wife Katie Holmes were not strange enough, it has now been reveled that the Church of Scientology which Cruise is a member of went out to find the ideal wife for the actor by holding so-called tryouts.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were married in November of 2006 in an Italian castle. Both Cruise and Holmes gushed to whoever would listen about how in love they were. Following the exchange of nuptials the pair received many fine wedding gifts from family, friends and fans from around the world.

Among the most talked about of all the Holmes-Cruise wedding gifts was what Tom himself gave his new bride which was a $20 million custom-made jet. Tom Cruise's wedding gift for Kate Holmes shocked not only the world, but supposedly Katie herself as she didn't dream in a million years that her new hubby would give her a jet plane! Cruise reportedly charmed Katie on their first date while flying the friendly skies so maybe Tom was simply trying to commemorate that first official date, who knows?

During the three years the couple was married, Tom Cruise reportedly lavished Katie with extravagant, expensive presents of all sorts. Tom very happily signed a pre-nup before marrying Holmes which promised Kate several million dollars if they were to break up in under five years. Now that that has happened, it's apparent that Tom Cruise's wedding gift for Kate Holmes is hers to keep fair and square.

Katie Holmes left Cruise because she was very concerned about the couple's six year old daughter Suri. Cruise was insisting that their child leave home and move to a floating Scientology school where the young girl would be taught about the religion in a boot-camp like environment. It was no secret that Holmes and Cruise disagreed about how to raise their child as Tom wanted Suri to become a member of the Scientology religion while his Catholic-raised wife vehemently opposed the idea.

Tom Cruise is an outspoken member of the Scientology church. It has recently been revealed that Cruise was wooing Nazanin Boniadi prior to meeting Katie. Bondiadi is a Tehran-born, London-raised actress who Cruise was very much attracted to. According to unnamed sources, in 2004, Scientology officials set out to set up a meeting between Nazanin Boniadi and Cruise which did end up happening. The two did date for a while but after a few months Boniadi cut her ties with Tom Cruise mostly because of the strange pressure put on her by the Church of Scientology to join their ranks so that she could become 'one of the family'. So there were no lavish wedding anniversary gifts for this ill-fated pair but instead, Cruise went out wife hunting yet again.

It's worth nothing that Katie Holmes was not the first wife of Cruise. He was married to actress Mimi Rogers from 1987 to 1990 and it was she who introduced Tom to Scientology. Cruise's next wife was actress Nicole Kidman. He and Kidman were married from 1990 to 2001. Why Kidman and Cruise broke up is not known. Following that divorce, Tom Cruise was linked romantically to actress Penelope Cruz and from there he moved on to Katie who now wants nothing to do with the actor and father of her child.


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