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Wedding Gifts and Wedding Favors: Wedding Favors

Since the couple wants their wedding to be perfect and special, they want to give the guests unique wedding favors or personalized wedding favors. The wedding favors can be very elegant and creative.

Dependent on their heritage and religions, they can give the guests Christian wedding favors, Asian wedding favors, Irish wedding favors, Italian wedding favors, Chinese wedding favors, Japanese wedding favors, or Indian wedding favors.

The season when they have the wedding is another reason to make the favors unique - spring wedding favors, summer wedding favors, fall or autumn wedding favors, winter wedding favors, or Christmas wedding favors.

The location where the wedding takes place can give the favors a more unique touch - tropical wedding favors, beach wedding favors, Hawaiian wedding favors, or Las Vegas wedding favors.

Unique wedding favors reflect personality, heritage, or the religion of the wedding couple. Wedding favors can be customized for where and when the ceremony takes place. Elegant favors aren't necessarily expensive. The ideas for wedding favors are only limited by your imagination.

Bridal Shower Favors A bride-to-be may give small gifts to her friends when they give her a bridal shower.

Cheap Wedding Favors Flower seed favors, shot glasses favors, sea shell favors, candy favors, and ceramic pots are meaningful, yet inexpensive.

Unique Wedding Favors Unique wedding favors show the heritage and religion of the couple - Asian wedding favors, Christian wedding favors, and Jewish wedding favors.

Customized Wedding Favors Personalized CDs, engraved picture frames, etc. are some common ideas to hold the memory of the wedding events.

Themed Wedding Favors Those types of wedding favors capture the time when and the location where the wedding takes places - summer wedding favors, winter wedding favors, Las Vegas wedding favors, or beach wedding favors.

Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons These unique, yet practical wedding favors will be sure to be a hit. The spoons are shaped like hearts, so it follows the love theme of a wedding. Each spoon has a different saying engraved on it, like “A pinch of joy,” “A dash of tenderness,” and “A heap of love.” These can come beautifully wrapped in a box with ribbon tying the note that says “Love beyond Measure.” This is a great favor to give as it will remind guests that love it really all you need.

Personalized Deck of Cards What better way to show how love is fun with a personalized deck of cards as favors for your guests? This is a standard 52 card deck with 2 jokers. These cards come in a clear box that is personalized with the Bride and Groom’s name and wedding date, along with a clever saying, like “Perfectly Suited,” or “Two of a Kind.” This is a favor that your guests will be sure to use after the wedding and think of you every time they want to play cards.

Jars of Honey Choosing wedding favors can be a difficult task simply because you want to choose something that is fun and original. One great idea is to give jars of honey to all of your guests with a personalized label. Include the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date as well as pretty bows that match the wedding colors. The card can say something like “Sweet as can Bee,” “Meant to Bee,” or “Sweetened with Love.” If you really want to dress them up you can cover them in white or cream colored tulle and finish them off with a pretty satin bow. Guests will love the practical wedding favor, not to mention they will look beautiful on the tables.

Monogrammed Truffles If you want to have truly elegant wedding favors then consider having monogrammed truffles. These chocolate truffles are delightful and they are hand decorated with a lighter or darker chocolate in your new initials. So, if the couple’s last name will begin with an “R” there is a beautiful cursive “R” designed on the truffle. These are elegant, tasty, and simply beautiful. Guests will love taking home a mini dessert, that is if they don’t eat it at the wedding. You may choose to sit the truffles on the table or else you may want to dress them up in a gift box or even wrapping them in tulle.

More Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Heart-shaped coffee scoop
  • Personalized mint tins
  • Wine stoppers
  • Bottle opener
  • Cookie cutters

  • Personalized coasters
  • Bookmarks
  • Stemless wine glasses
  • Wedding bells
  • Stationary

  • Personalized tea bags
  • Miniature margarita mix set
  • Fortune cookies
  • Chocolate wedding favor
  • Candle wedding favor

  • CD wedding favor
  • Candy wedding favor
  • Wedding Cake favor
  • Wedding Cookie favor
  • Coffee wedding favor

  • Picture frame
  • Sea shell
  • Wild flower seed
  • Candy bar wedding favor
  • Shot glass


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