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Wedding Gifts and Wedding Favors: Gift Ideas for the Couple

Marriage is the beginning of a new life and a new family. Unique and unusual wedding gifts capture the most precious moments of a lifetime. Many couples register through a number of different store and websites, so you have a wide selection to look at. Find items they have on their registry list and choose the gifts that have a personal touch.

Gift Ideas for Their New Home - Gift certificates, glass or porcelain vases, lava lamps, fine silverware, computer electronics, watercolor paintings, portraits, picture frames.

Gift Ideas that Capture the Event - Wedding video, wedding pictures, jewelry engraved with names of the couple.

Gift Ideas that reminds the couple of their heritage - Family video, family pictures, family tree, childhood photos.

Romantic Gift Ideas Romeo and Juliet pictures, personalized romance novel, personalized book, love song CDs, earrings, bracelets, necklaces.

Personalized Wine Box Set Give something unique and something that can be cherished for years to come. Get the couple a personalized wine box set that is made to reveal a bottle of wine one at a time, for a special occasion. The box indicates a “when to open” date and a personalized message for the couple to read. These can be saved for the 6 month mark, the 1st year anniversary, or even the 10th. Give the couple something to look forward to, something to display, and something that brings back their wedding day every time they open a new bottle.

Espresso/ Coffee machine More likely than not, the new couple will be entering in their life together with not so up-to-date gadgets. Give them a top-of-the-line espresso or coffee maker for their new home. The couple will love to have something that produces the finest espresso or coffee and know that it is all theirs. They deserve to start their new life off together with the great quality items in their home and an espresso machine is perfect for that!

Fine China Most couples choose two patterns of china, one for daily use and one for their fine china. The daily china is typically affordable and something the couple could buy for themselves. However, the fine china is usually expensive and makes a wonderful wedding gift. Couples will love receiving fine china from their friends and family because it means they will have less to buy. Many times couples end up with enough fine china to complete an eight piece setting. Some couples receive more and others less but the great thing is that every dish received is one less the couple must buy for themselves.

Cash Couples love cash gifts for their wedding because it allows them to save the money and buy one big item or else spend it on their honeymoon. There is nothing like having some extra cash to take on your honeymoon so you can really enjoy everything the location has to offer. Many couples receive money and while checks are acceptable cash is really the best. It can be used right away and is really a very thoughtful gift. Be sure to include the cash in a card with your name on it so the couple knows who was so generous to them at such a special time.

More Gift Ideas

  • Candle set
  • Martini set
  • Spa package
  • Candle holders
  • Fondue Set

  • Newlywed Cookbook
  • His and Hers towels, robes
  • Tea set
  • Wine glasses
  • Grill set

  • Knife block
  • Stereo system
  • Cheese or Wine of the month membership
  • Indoor herb garden
  • Home decor

  • Watercolor painting engraved with the bride and groom's names
  • Art with custom inscription
  • Personalized romantic novel
  • Book of love poems
  • Garden decor

  • Vacation to where they met for the first time
  • Personalized watch or clock
  • Photo album of their childhood
  • Gift certificates to their favorite stores

While the bride and groom give wedding favors or small gifts to the wedding guests to thank them for sharing in their special day, one of the oldest wedding traditions is the exchange of gifts between the bride and the groom to reflect their commitment.

Gift Ideas for the Bride A personalized picture frame, a love poem, a unique bracelet, a special piece of jewelry, teddy bears, art gallery of love, silk roses, or personalized romance novel.

Gift Ideas for the Groom An elegant desk clock, monogrammed money clip, engraved wooden valet, a special watch, cufflinks, or a picture frame engraved with your initials and your wedding date.


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