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Wedding Gifts and Wedding Favors: Gifts for Flowergirls and Ring Bearers

Flowergirls and ring bearers add a sweet and cute touch to the wedding ceremony. They remind the fact about the continuity of life. These youngsters are usually thrilled to be a part of such a grand event and they spend a lot of time practicing for their special role in the ceremony. Most flowergirls and ring bearers aren't any older than 8 or 9. Ring bearers usually walk down the aisle right before the flower girls.

Flower girl tote with goodies Finding an appropriate flower girl gift to say "thank you" for being in a wedding is not always easy. That's simply because you want to find a gift that is age appropriate and that the flower girl will appreciate. One particular gift that you are guaranteed a little girl will love is a tote that has "Flower girl" embroidered in purple or pink and then it is filled with little goodies girls love. Cookies and candy as well as bubbles, makeup, and other little things that girls will love. Choose a flower girl tote and you won't be concerned about the gift for your flower girl because she will love it!

Piggy Bank Engraved A great gift for the ringbearer in your weddig is a silver piggy bank engravd with his initials and the date of your wedding. This will serve as a woenderful reminder for years of the joy he had taking part in your wedding. Not ot mention he will be able to stash away all of his extra cash in the special piggy bank. You may decide to make his first deposit before giving him the piggy bank. Put a $20 bill or some change in the bank so the ringbearer feels as if he already has a good start on his savings.

More Gift Ideas

  • a photo of him/her with frame on your wedding day
  • a stuffed animal
  • a hair clip
  • Pony Tales Pencils
  • Personalized Children's Novel
  • Capsela Robot Racer
  • Moon Shoes
  • Handpainted Girls Jewelry Box
  • Ballet Dancers Music & Jewelry Box
  • Barbie Bliss Obsession Box
  • Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Boots
  • Personalized Children's Novel
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  • Remote Control Soccer Table Top Game
  • Virtual Reality Game
  • Lord of Ring Toys
  • Harry Potter Books


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